Our holiday package. Food and wine tour

The package Le Vie del Gusto can be booked for 5 or 7 days.
It includes accommodation in the hotel with breakfast and beach service.
Dinner is served in the best restaurants in Marina di Camerota. Most of the selected restaurants are within easy walking distance, others are a ew kilometres away and can be reached by car.

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Here are some examples of the restaurants we have selected:

Protagonists of this gastronomic tour, the restaurants chosen for this culinary experience are located in Marina di Camerota and offer dishes that allow you to taste the specialties of the area.

Located on the seafront of Marina di Camerota, this restaurant specialises in the reinterpretation of traditional fish dishes and is a place where guests can enjoy a unique gastronomic experience. The ingredients are carefully selected to appeal to all the senses and bring you closer to the savours of Cilento. Nothing is left to chance, with a selection of the best wines Campania has to ofer.

In the streets of the centre of Marina di Camerota, the Cantina del Marchese takes you on a veritable journey back in time. The restaurant is like an osteria in the early 1900s, with terracotta plates and cups, excellent house wine and a good selection of typical cheeses and cold meats. The dishes are traditional and the recipes have been handed down over the years. The speciality of the house is the maracucciata, a dish named after its main ingredient,maracuoccio. This is a small legume, the forerunner of the better-known cicerchie, or flat peas, which are grown in Lentiscosa, a hamlet belonging to the municipality of Camerota. Not everyone gets the opportunity to try such a delicacy!

This magical place has all the soul of a sailor in it. Peppone, who comes from a family of fishermen, has chosen the seafaring tradition to offer an authentic cuisine which accentuates the flavours of fresh produce, literally directly from the sea on to the plate. The cosy taverna is located in one of the narrow streets near the village’s main square and has special architectural features such as stone walls and exposed beams, typical for fishermen’s houses. This taverna will remain in your memory for a long time after your visit – the food, the setting and the atmosphere will linger in your heart.

This stop will be an experience that goes beyond simple cuisine,thanks to the Mastrolonardo family, who have been serving the best traditional seafood dishes for several generations. The variety of dishes made with the produce from our sea has earned this restaurant the name, Orto del Mare” (Sea Garden) of Marina di Camerota.
The restaurant is in fact a leafy garden in the historic centre of the seaside village.

This jewel of seafood cuisine is hidden away in the narrow streets of the old town. Dishes based on the catch of the day and appetisers which you will long remember. Not to mention the fish soup, which is always a favourite with visitors. You will be spoilt for choice!

The restaurant is located in the centre square of Marina di Camerota. Here, the home-style cooking respects local traditions. Pasta and desserts are homemade. Fish is the restaurant’s strong point, from the starter to the main course, and we particularly recommend the stuffed Cilento anchovies (alici mbuttunate).

The restaurant is located near Palinuro and can be reached by car in 15 minutes. It is part of a family-run farm/agriturismo. The perfect opportunity to rediscover traditional products and specialities.

Package deals generally apply in the low season and must be booked in advance. Number of participants from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 10.
For larger groups (maximum 20 people), please contact the hotel well in advance.

For full details of the packages, please contact us directly.

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