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Visit Cilento with the artist's eye

Trekking involves all the senses; it requires good will and the desire to discover. The trekking tour from Marina di Camerota to Baia degli Infreschi offers spectacular views of this coastal stretch of Cilento.

We want to add an extra gear to this experience and propose a photo trek! The perfect combination of nature and art.

An expert guide will accompany us during all the excursions and a professional photographer will teach us many tricks to document the region photographically.

Walking to explore places inaccessible to vehicles, admiring the amazing scenery and capturing the emotions nature gives us with a click is an experience that should not be missed.

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The "Photo Trekking" package includes:

  • 3 overnight stays in Hotel with HB (dinners with typical Cilento dishes)
  • Theoretical and practical photography lessons with a professional photography teacher
  • Excursions in the Cilento National Park with a trekking guide
  • Boat excursions to caves between bays reachable only by sea


Minimum 5, maximum 15 participants


Activities planned

  • Photography course: focus on the basic concepts of photography, we will analyse the relationship between light and camera
  • Photography course: we will learn about the components of the camera so that we can make the best use of it
  • Photography course: we'll learn how to take pictures


Tour in the village of Marina di Camerota to enjoy its natural beauty and landscapes but also discover its extraordinary cultural and artistic heritage. Marina di Camerota retains the character of an ancient seaside town, with its dense succession of alleys passing under picturesque vaults and arches. The tour includes a visit to the magnificent Calanca beach, located just 100m from the hotel, set between two rocky headlands and characterized by white sand and shallow waters.


“Baia degli Infreschi”

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This is a tour which will lead you to discover the most beautiful beaches of the Cilento National Park.

Technical Data

Start: Beach Lentiscelle

End: Porto Infreschi

Length: 4.5 km

Track: asphalt and footpaths

Difficulty: tourist

Elevation gain: +/- 400

The tour starts from Lentiscelle beach, located under the promontory to the left of the port. The start goes immediately uphill on a dirt road and improvised steps. Once at the top of the promontory the descent to Pozzallo beach begins. From here the path passes through the low Mediterranean vegetation and over another promontory we reach the remains of an ancient tower and arrive at the Cala Bianca bay with its white stones which make the watereven more stunningly crystal clear. Continuing on we arrive at the last bay, Porto Infreschi, small but full of caves and freshwater springs and with a deep green colour. The return will be organized by boat to admire the coast and visit the caves along the way.

“Capo Palinuro”

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Technical Data

Start: Port of Palinuro

End: Port of Palinuro

Length: +/- 5 km

Track: asphalt and footpaths

Difficulty: tourist

Elevation gain: +/- 130m

This is a path of medium difficulty which leads from the port of Palinuro to the top of the promontory where the lighthouse and the weather station are located. The tour follows the perimeter of the Capo Palinuro promontory which protrudes towards the sea as if diving into it. The towers built in the Aragonese era for coastal defence from Saracen pirates can still be seen today on the rocks overlooking the sea. The first fortification can be found in an important defensive position. Looking along the coast we can see the “Grotta azzurra” (blue cave) and the coming and going of boats which take tourists to visit it. The asphalted road we then meet directs us towards the lighthouse, one of the most important in Italy because it is located at a higher altitude than its counterparts. Once you get to the tower of Cala Fetente you can admire one of the symbols most popular by photography lovers who come here under the "finestrella” (window). The route ends in a descent to the port of Palinuro, where tourists are awaited by boats ready for a trip through the caves.

Boat trip from the port of Palinuro

It will allow us to visit the main tourist attractions. (“Grotta azzurra”, a view of the of the "Finestrella" from the sea, the “Scoglio del Coniglio”, “Arco Naturale” e “Baia del Buon Dormire” with bathing stop).