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Gourmet Routes

Food and wine tour in the best restaurants of Marina di Camerota

Campania certainly has a unique enogastronomic heritage for variety and value recognized since ancient times.

Greeks and Romans celebrated the superiority of the wines and the purity of the olive oil coming from the "Campania Felix" ...
and even today this heritage, which is part of the famous "Mediterranean diet", is synonymous with good and healthy diet and was recognized in 2010 by UNESCO's Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Due to the importance of this food and wine heritage, it was decided to create culinary routes to lead tourists to discover the typical and traditional flavors of Cilento.

A series of characteristic restaurants have been selected with dedicated menus that will welcome customers every evening in a different place with the best dishes.

The "ways of flavours" package will include:

5 overnight stays in a hotel in B & B
2 overnight stays at a hotel in HB
5 dinners in typical Cilento restaurants (drinks not included) a few steps from the Hotel
Boat excursion to Baia Infreschi with a stop in a typical restaurant
Beach service

Selected restaurants:

 “La Taverna del Mozzo”


Located on the seafront of Marina di Camerota specializing in the reinterpretation of typical fish dishes, a place where customers can enjoy a unique food and wine experience. At the Taverna you can find cod meatballs in a sauce of anchovies and red pepper or creamed cod and chickpeas of Cicerale with sauce of anchovies of Menaica on a potato velouté. Another delicacy are the paccheri with the Genoese seafood (excellent aftertaste of Montoro onions cooked for almost two hours) and the delicate spaghetti alla chitarra with pesto of broccoli and anchovies of Menaica.
Nothing is left to chance, with a selection of the best wines from Campania.

 “La cantina del Marchese”

testata marchese

In the streets of the centre of Marina di Camerota, a real journey through time, it looks like an early 20th century tavern with terracotta dishes and glasses, excellent house wine and a good choice of cheeses and typical cold cuts, the ciaurella cilentana (potatoes, aubergines and peppers), traditional dishes with recipes handed down over the years.
Here the queen is the Maracucciata, a dish that takes its name from the Maracuoccio, its main ingredient, which is nothing more than a tiny legume, considered the ancestor of the much more famous cicerchie. Cultivated only in the village of Lentiscosa is one of those ingredients that you can boast of having eaten.

“Ammore e Mare”

testata peppone

La Taverna is a magical place where "Peppone", coming from a family of fishermen has followed the seafaring tradition to offer a genuine cuisine that stands out the flavors of fresh products ... in the true sense of the word from the sea directly on your plate. The very suggestive tavern is located in the alleys around the main square of the village, with particular architectural features such as stone walls and exposed beams, typical environment of sailors' houses.
This too will be a stage that you will remember for a long time, the food, the place and the atmosphere will enter your heart.

“Ristorante Brera”

testata romeo

Located in Piazza San Domenico, the center of Marina di Camerota. A unique atmosphere, this stage will be for you an experience that goes beyond the kitchen thanks to the Valentone family who for four generations serve the best dishes of the Cilento cuisine. 

The preparation of dishes from the hinterland and the nearby sea means that even the most demanding palates are satisfied for a restaurant that is a must for tourists.

“La Locanda da Romeo”

testata valentone

This elegant inn with a beautiful terrace overlooking the port of Marina di Camerota is the place that binds the culinary traditions of the coastal Cilento with those coming from the hinterland.
Romeo and his son Domenico will be ready to welcome you in the sign of hospitality and tradition.

“Ristoro Pozzallo”

testta pozzallo

Located right on the beach of the Bay of Pozzallo and camouflaged in the fresh vegetation.
This small restaurant offers its guests the opportunity to have an excellent lunch accompanied by a pleasant sea breeze.
The fresella of hard bread seasoned with cherry tomatoes, aubergines in oil, onions and local tuna is a real treat for the palate!