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Cooking experience

A course on the basics of Mediterranean cooking, a travel-experience to discover Cilento.

Cilento is a land rich in agricultural and craftwork traditions which are still not carried out on an intensive scale but use the traditional methods.
This allows us to create genuine quality products which are the basis of the famous "Mediterranean diet".

Our Hotel offers a culinary experience to discover the secrets and traditions of Cilento cuisine.

We will start with some excursions which will allow you to get to know the region in its different aspects, discovering the origin of the products, observing and testing their quality.

Then we will move on to the actual cooking course, in didactic and practical form. Our cook will put all her experience at your disposal and transmit the secrets behind the Cilento and Italian traditions. Finally it will be up to you to get down to business and prepare some of the typical dishes of our region yourself.

Our culinary journey will allow you to appreciate the authenticity and passion of the Cilento people for their food.

The "Cooking experience" package includes:

7 nights in the Hotel in HB;
4 excursions: farm, winery, oil mill, food preserves atelier with beautiful forest walks and boat trips;
5 practical cooking lessons, complete with ingredients and equipment;
Transfers, admissions, tastings and pick-nicks included in all the excursions;
Tourist guide and interpreter in English;

The scheduled excursions:

- The farm


Cilento has a great tradition in buffalo breeding. Our tour includes a visit to one of these farms. We will learn first-hand about rearing methods directly in the stables and the witness the craftsmanship of the raw material.
Naturally the course will end by tasting the dairy products.

- The Winery and the Oil Mill


Our wine and olive oil traditions have a great history which our local farmers will be only too pleased to share with you. You will gain first-hand experience of the work which goes in to production, but also learn about the fun and passion which make our products authentic and special.

- Food Preserves Atelier


Our mothers and grandmothers have always prepared preserves for the family. Today, whether with products of land or sea with oil, jams, liqueurs and more, we try to keep the flavours of past times alive. You will find out how this is possible and experience first-hand the value of this tradition.

- Forest walks and boat trips


We have great respect for the rich choice of products our land and sea provide for us, enriching our tables with the essential elements which have allowed our diet to become a UNESCO cultural heritage.