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Short Story of Hotel Calanca

Our history as hoteliers was born almost by chance more than fifty years ago and from that moment a long journey begins, full of many sacrifices and satisfactions that accompany us still today.

The destiny has it that grandfather Andrea bought the house in the Calanca area of Marina di Camerota in 1962.

At the time the house was rented to two Austrian ladies, Mrs. Lausch and Mrs. Conrads, who fell in love with Marina di Camerota, decided to live a period of their lives in this corner of Cilento.

Mrs. Lausch, owner of two tourist agencies, came up with the idea of ​​letting the tourists of the area enjoy the beauty of the Cilento coast. So he proposed to his grandfather Andrea to expand the villa to make a room with breakfast and meals.

The grandfather Andrea accepted the proposal of Mrs. Lausch and on November 30, 1963 presented to the City of Camerota the project of superelevation of a plan that provided for 4 double rooms and 2 singles.

After the completion of the works, the small accommodation was named "Casa Calanca" and the management of the activity was given by Mrs. Lausch to Mrs. Wiese Zoltan Anna Maria until November 15, 1968.

The pension was so complex: the kitchen was located where the bar is now; the bedroom of Mrs. Zoltan where there is the bar room; the breakfast and lunch room where there is the current living room and TV room; a few years later the dining room was built on the back where there was a garden.

 In the almost 5 years of activity of Mrs. Zoltan, the customers were mostly Germans, who came throughout the year. In those years Marina di Camerota and the Cilento were not known at all, but were gradually discovered and appreciated for the natural beauty of the coast and the beaches.

In 1964 the roads were worse than the current, there was no road Palinuro-Marina di Camerota, there was no Mingardina road, nor the Cilentana, while the highway from Milan to Naples, was inaugurated on 4th October of that year.

In 1968, my uncle Vincenzo joined the hotel management together with Mrs. Zoltan. Their management lasted only a few months, in fact in March 1969 my uncle Vincenzo gave up the business because, having obtained the diploma in electrical engineering and having meanwhile opened an appliance store, he preferred to follow his great passion.

At that point, grandfather Andrea decided to entrust the management of the pension to the other son Giuseppe (my father).

Giuseppe, known as Pino or Pinuccio, then attended the faculty of literature and philosophy in Naples and was very willing to begin this work, which would take place especially in the summer months.

Pino, farsighted and confident for the future of tourism in Marina di Camerota, began his new adventure. In the meantime, Mrs. Lausch sent one of her German-speaking representatives, Mrs. Karin Hagedorn, to Marina di Camerota.

The activity of the new management started on the 1st of May 1969 with the arrival of the first customers, following some works of arrangement and maintenance of the pension.In that first year, the kitchen was directed by my grandmother Iolanda Troccoli with her niece Sofia Martuscelli. The "shoe" was the prerogative of every guest who tasted their kitchen, synonymous with the goodness of their dishes. In 1970, Mrs. Lausch decided to not continue the activity in Marina di Camerota and therefore also ended the collaboration in the hotel with my father Giuseppe.

In the meantime, in 1968, grandfather Andrea presented a project to enlarge the Hotel in the back part, where the garden existed, bringing the capacity to 19 double and 1 single rooms, with changes also to the building's aesthetics.

During the 1990s, my father Giuseppe built a multi-purpose meeting room in the basement, built the attic and then the swimming pool.On 10 December 1978 my father married my mother Rosa Teresa, who helped him in the activity for 34 long years until December 2012. The family management has characterized the management of all these years and has also involved my brothers Vincenzo and Iolanda. This experience has allowed us to grow with a vision open to the world and to make new knowledge. The summers, though strenuous and stressful, have left in us some beautiful memories. We met many friends with whom we have remained in touch today. We met the first teenage love affairs and my brother Vincenzo also found the companion of his life. In 2013, after Dad decided to retire, my adventure began.A generational shift that sees my management continue with the same values ​​that have accompanied my parents throughout their lives. A lot of passion, desire to pamper their guests and respect for their employees.

Now I hope that you who have shared the story of my family start being part of it ...

I wait for you!!